Sleep advice for parents of babies and toddlers.

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My name is Emma. I’m a sleep consultant based in Newcastle, NSW assisting parents throughout Australia.

After becoming a mother of 2 and experiencing the challenges that come with kids not sleeping – and understanding just how much difference it makes to a parent’s life when their child sleep well – I wanted to help fellow parents overcome the same challenges.

Since completing my training as a sleep trainer / teacher / coach (whatever you want to call me is fine!), my goal has been to provide ethical, practical and effective guidance to parents (mums and dads alike) all around Australia on how to help their children sleep peacefully and restfully.

The benefits of a good night’s sleep on a child’s health include better cognitive and physical development, and happier, more alert awake times. In turn, mums and dads who experience a better quality of overnight sleep often perform better as parents and are more likely to enjoy their parenting experience.

A restful home is a happy home!

Using my sleep guidance services, including personalised consulting and ebooks containing general advice and tips, I hope to make your own home a place of deep sleep and well-rested parents and kids alike.

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